How to edit plp file

What is pixellab file? How to open plp file in pixellab? How to edit plp file?

How to edit .PLP file in pixellab? Many people think about how to edit Plp file when we download any PLP file. It is not very difficult. You can easily do this with the help of your smartphone.

Before that, one of the things we need to know is what is a Pixellab and how to work with plp file?


When is pixellab?

Pixellab is one of the most popular mobile graphic design app. With the help of which you can make any type of design very easily. But we can share our designs with others in the form of a project.The extension of the project is (.plp) .

It can be re-edit by re-opening it through the pixellab application on another device.

See PLP file

How to open .plp file?

You need to do this by following some steps.

Step:1 >> Install Pixellab app।

Step :2 >> Open

plp in pixellab

Step:3 >> click 3 dot menu>>open .plp file>>.pop icon

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Step : 4 >> Select .plp file which you downloaded>> click open and add>> click back button

plp edit

How to edit .plp file in pixellab?

Step:1>> Click Layer Box to see all layer

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Step:2>> Click for any action like under image

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Step:3 >> Change photo/other element Follow under image. To change anythings without text Click middle section like image for all editable option.

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Step:4 >> Change Text follow under image. for change all text select A icon . If you select this , all is visible for text editing.

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How to save .plp file as a image ?

Follow some instruction for save .plp file in your gallery for permanently .After saving , If you want to print this item it is shortly.

Follow under image instruction . like 1st click save icon for save option in your plp file design.

Then select your designs format and regulations. And finally click Save to gallery for save image.

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